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“My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.”
— Imam Al-Shafi’i

note to self: have patience with yourself.

“I will not be able to let that @OnceABC #OnceFinale go. nope. can’t let it go. that was AMAZING @AdamHorowitzLA! #OnceUponATime”
my tweet. was so not expecting that. oohoo big summer blowout.

behind the scenes of the making of the #fertrandez invitations. will probably be up all night doing these!

“The biggest temptation is to confuse activity with accomplishment.”

have faith.

“And realize that patience is not about waiting, but the ability to keep a good attitude while working hard for what you believe in.”

25 | 01.25
Broadway Babes

Taking Maekaila to see The Phantom of the Opera on stage next month, so I’ve showed her the 2004 and 25th anniversary versions to prepare her. I’m excited she’s excited!!

…and then there’s Leina, asking why the ghost wants to be the girl’s boyfriend and why he wears a mask =P)

18 | 01.18
Calls & Echoes

It’s here!

Been listening to and loving my digital copy of this album, and so happy to have it in my hands and the handwritten lyrics!

Melissa, a big congratulations and hats off to you and all who worked with you on this album. It’s amazing!

…and it’s totally gonna play at my wedding! ;)

So I just wanted to share an amazing story from Kantahan last night.

It was around the last hour of the event and my mom called me over because there was a woman who wanted to talk to Camelia and me. I thought, “Oh no, she’s probably a resident complaining about the lack of parking…” I went over and she instead just wanted to know more about the organization we were donating to, so I asked Camelia to explain since she knows more about it. The woman just wanted to make sure that her donation would go directly to those who needed it and not any outside parties who’d use it for their own gain.

She writes a check and hands it to me, and I start to place it in the box. My eyes quickly and inadvertently glance at the amount and I’m shocked. $500. I tell her, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take a look at your check, but do you want anything? Is there anything we can give you? We have some extra trays of food, we can give you a tray if you’d like! We have some cupcakes too, we can give you however many of those you’d like!” She smiled and said no, and told me that she had traveled to the Philippines recently and how it holds a really special place in her heart now, and she just wanted a chance to give back to a place she loves. I kept asking if she was sure, and she said she just wanted a plate of food.

I went over to Camelia, Jason, and MaryAnne to tell them what happened and they couldn’t believe it either. I told one of the church/school organizers and before I could point her out to them, I saw her quietly slip out of the doors with just her plate of food, back on her way out. The church/school organizers didn’t recognize her or her name from any of the school families or church parishioners, so no one really knows where she came from.

This was the most astounding part of the night that I still can’t quite believe but can’t help but feel so thankful for, and I wish her so many blessings for the rest of her life.

The way Charming looks though when Hook says, “As you wish, my lady.”#whatdidyoujustsaytomydaughter #ohnoyoudidnt #iknowcaptainswanisotp #andcaptaincharmingisbrotp #butatleastdontflirtinfrontofme #andheyyoubelongtome

The way Charming looks though when Hook says, “As you wish, my lady.”

#whatdidyoujustsaytomydaughter #ohnoyoudidnt #iknowcaptainswanisotp #andcaptaincharmingisbrotp #butatleastdontflirtinfrontofme #andheyyoubelongtome